Arduino library for interfacing with the MAXIM MAX17043 / MAX17044 Li+ fuel gauge

Published on January 10, 2014

Categories: software, embedded

Tags: c++, lipo, battery


LiFuelGauge is an Arduino library that offers an API for interfacing with the MAXIM MAX17043/MAX17044 Li+ fuel gauges.

MAXIM MAX17043/MAX17044 Li+ fuel gauges are devices that determine the state of a single cell LiPo battery. They offer measurements of the battery’s voltage and determine the battery’s state of charge (SoC) relative to its maximum capacity. They are also able to output an alert signal when a critical SoC threshold is reached. They are useful devices for situations like when an important operation is about to begin on a computing device, and so it’s imperative to confirm that the energy requirements are met.

LiFuelGauge abstracts away the process of communicating with a MAX17043 / MAX17044 fuel gauge. It simplifies the setup and management of the module by offering a convenient interface for controlling its various parameters.

There is a tutorial on LiFuelGauge on codebender’s blog. The source code is available on GitHub.