Hi, my name is Nick Lamprianidis and I'm from Veroia, Greece. I received my diploma in Electrical Engineering & Computer Technology from the University of Patras, Greece in 2015. I'm currently working as a Robot Software Engineer in Munich, Germany.

My interests lie in robotic applications and ways we can efficiently incorporate artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. They say, it's the little things that matter in life. Then, why let robots take care of them? I would say, so we can focus on the ones that matter!

I love working with electronics and messing around with microcontrollers. My favorite language is C++. I'm a control freak, so I enjoy the fine level of control I get with it. But Python is fun too. It's very expressive and allows for quick and easy solutions. I once got introduced to compilers and I liked it! I always enjoy learning new things and I'm a big fan of MOOCs. I'm an enthusiastic maker. The day I 3D printed, for the first time, an idea I had in mind was one of the most fulfilling moments of my life. My work revolves around mobile robotics, and specifically, the subjects of navigation and control.

I'm a zealous supporter of open-source. I've benefited the most from this idea and I do my best to give back with every chance I get. In 2011, I joined a group of fellow students together with which we built P-Space (), the local hackerspace in Patras. A hackerspace is a place for people to get together, exchange ideas, find community support and equipment, and freely express their creativity. Being involved in this community offered me unique experiences that helped me get where I am today. Surprising things can happen when interacting with creative people. If you haven't done so already, find your local hackerspace and join the team. If there isn't one near you, build it yourself. Gather your friends and meet in a room, a garage, or a coffee shop... it doesn't matter. Sharing is what's important!

I'm not much of an athlete, but every now and then I overcome my boredom and go swimming. I listen to various genres of music depending on my mood to keep me going through the day. My favorite singer is Dio. I watch TV shows... a few months of them. I enjoy reading about modern history. One of my favorite quotes is from Gandhi. My special place would be on a mountain side where the only sound comes from the rustling of the leaves and the only sign of life from the breathing of the sea.